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Description of services

See below for detailed information on some of the services we provide.
Consumers can create a survey request online.

Building / New Construction

If you are building a new home or commercial building we stake out your proposed building with a lot survey (this is used for your building permit required by community) Also required may be a Footing certification, Basement or Recertification Survey, and grade recertification.

Residential Property

We do Lot Surveys for home owners who are putting on additions, garages, doing landscaping, need to find lot corners, or buying or selling a home. Some communities do require lot surveys if they are needing a permit for their improvements to their home. We also do Certified Survey Maps and Condominium Documents for owners who may want to divide a piece of existing property or land. We do prepare elevation certificates and fema forms for the determination or removal from flood zones.

Commercial Property

We are also efficient in ALTA Surveys for the buying, selling or refinancing of commercial buildings. We also do construction staking and all surveying work related to site plans for commercial projects, Topography surveys for civil design of commercial projects, and condominium documents related to commercial sites.

Land Development

We are professionals in the complete process of civil design, platting and planning of residential subdivisions.

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